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Why Brutus and Butch is the finest product available

Posted on 15 May 2018

Brutus and Butch was founded by Gwen Bock, a celebrated hairstylist with decades in the business. An educator, platform artist, and salon owner, Gwen sees  the need for products that no one has experienced to date.


Born in Holland of Dutch Indonesian descent, Gwen is  familiar with Indonesian oils used on her skin and hair from childhood. She decided to formulate a product that contains Indonesian Oils called  Gembira blend which means happiness and bliss in Indonesian.

 Clean Shampoo. Clean Conditioner and Elixir Vitae Gembira Oil products are available now. The shampoo was formulated to cleanse gently with the least detrimental impact to the hair shaft. Most shampoos with their heavy detergents abrade the shaft. This shampoo does not. The conditioner conditions with the Indonesian oils and reads just how much nourishing the hair requires and deposits nothing more. There is no heavy residue leaving the hair perfectly conditioned. The Elixir Vitae is the line's premier product, infusing a concentrated blend of oils into the shaft. One drop is sufficient for most heads of hair with the more damaged and porous requiring more. Gwen interprets Elixir Vitae as her "lifetimes work in a bottle".

 All products are plant based at a natural lab right here in Florida. The oils are sustain-ably harvested so as not to damage the delicate Indonesian ecosystem.

 Gwen and her company have a social conscience. Gwen felt the LGBTQ community needed to be recognized and supported for their contributions and  impact on the industry. She feels strongly that people should live and love as they do free of judgment and harm. The company believes the tagline "Because We Are Who We Are" is  empowering to those in the LGBTQ community and others that go unrecognized daily for their value as human beings.

Brutus and Butch products are timely and relevant in today’s world. Brutus and Butch stands for quality on or heads and in our hearts.

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